"Test with the Best"

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long must I drive on my level I license before I can take the road test?
You must hold your level I license for at least 180 days, complete segment II program, have 50 hours of logged driving time (10 hours of the 50 being night time driving) and be between the ages of 15 and 17.

2. How long will the test take?
The completion of paper work, parking lot exercises, and driving the in-traffic route will take about 45 minutes.

3. After taking and passing the test, what happens next?
The examiner will issue you a certificate that you must take to your Secretary Of State branch office.   At the Secretary Of State office you will also need to have the following documentation - Social Security, legal presence in the U.S., Identity, and two documents showing residence in Michigan.
Download Michigan Requirements Checklist
The Secretary Of State will then issue you your license.

4. What happens if I should fail the part of the test in the parking lot?
The test is terminated and you will not be allowed to do the remainder of the test in traffic.

5. How tough is it to pass the test?
All examiners will tell you that the scoring of the test is very forgiving.  Those who do well are well prepared and are only a little nervous.  The best advice is to review the booklet Driving Skills Test Study Guide and actually practice the parking lot exercises.

There is no mention made in the guide that actually encourages you to practice.  However, in addition to practicing the three exercises in the parking lot, you should review The On-the-Road Test description in the booklet (p. 16).   As you do so, ask yourself if your current driving follows those guidelines.  You should have been provided with this booklet upon receiving your Level One Learner's License or your Temporary Instruction Permit at the Secretary of State office.

6. Can I have my driving evaluated by requesting a road test for "non-licensing purposes?"
Yes. Please contact me for details.